Know-how & fairness

Our commitments

The transmission of knowledge

The know-how, complex and precious value in each craft business, makes it possible to distinguish it from other companies by giving it its own identity.

This know-how is not limited to gestures or methods of work but constitutes a set of knowledge, practices and ethical behavior.

It is therefore important, for the sake of sustainability of a craft and tradition, such as that of cooper, to succeed in transmitting it.

Transmission is a duty...

The place of women in the company

The Tonnellerie Bordelaise has always wanted to be part of a family business where the place of each one has its importance.

In the interest of fairness but also of balance, the choice to bring a feminine touch to the production and the operational was thus obvious.

Changing the a priori and clichés that tend to say that the profession of cooper is a man’s job, is one of the priorities of of the Tonnellerie Bordelaise.

The diversity of sensibilities, due to the personality of each, allows the development of new projects that are often innovative and precursors.

Making the difference, both in the realization of its products and in its managerial approach and its openness to all, is the DNA and strength of the Tonnellerie Bordelaise.

Label PEFC

and Standards

The French origin of all our staves is controlled and guaranteed.

Authenticating the sustainable management of the forests from which the wood comes, all our barrels benefit from the PEFC label.

Our barrels are manufactured with HACCP manufacturing guarantee.

PEFC Label