Our customers talk about us

Pascal LUCIN

“ Barrels user of Tonnellerie Bordelaise for many years, I appreciate them for the preservation and maintenance of a fresh fruit underlined by a fine sweetness. These barrels are the heart of my ageing stock with different sizes from 225l to 350l with the same result very respectful of my wines. ”

Pascal LUCIN - Technical Manager of Château Grand Pontet, Grand Cru Classé - St Emilion (France) and Owner of Clos Louie in Côte de Castillon (France)


“ For 15 years now, we have been using barrels from Tonnellerie Bordelaise. Such fidelity is due to the seriousness and the listening that Didier Fesil and all his team set up. We have with them the same guideline: to give the best of us, without concessions. Barrels have always been respectful of our wines and always express themselves in finesse and elegance. They represent the basis in the construction of our wines. ”

Xavier MORAGUES - Cellar Master of Château Seguin - Pessac Léognan (France)

Tomas y Gabriel POSTIGO

“ We know they make one of the best selections of French wood. When you observe how they work in the Tonnellerie Bordelaise, you understand a lot about their barrels. They work in a very traditional way and with a very special heating. All this gives an exceptional quality of barrels. ”

Tomas y Gabriel POSTIGO – Propriétaires de la Bodegas TOMAS POSTIGO – Ribera del Duero (Espagne)


“ We have been working with Tonnellerie Bordelaise for many, many years. We appreciate the great regularity in its production. I believe that we share certain values on an authentic work, artisanal and respectful of the raw material that we use, the wood, the grape … ”

Laurent COGOMBLES - Owner of Château BOUSCAUT - Grand Cru Classé Pessac-Léognan (France)

Bernard GAUDIN

“ Tonnellerie Bordelaise is settling in St Georges for several years, with always very good tastings, regularity of the heaters and wood, happy communion between wine and oak that harmonizes with time. ”

Bernard Gaudin - Technical Manager of Château St Georges - Montagne St Emilion (France)


“ The selection of woods and toastings that we have set up together with the Tonnellerie Bordelaise brings to our wine” José Pariente fermented in barrel “: Roundness and fat, while respecting the primary aromas, as well as finesse and elegance on the nose . We appreciate the proximity and congratulate the professionalism of the Tonnellerie Bordelaise team. ”

Leticia Carrera – Directora Técnica – Bodegas José Pariente – Rueda (Espagne)

Olivier LESUR

“ After 15 years of collaboration with Tonnellerie Bordelaise, we can only see the rigor and consistency in the quality of manufacture of Didier Fesil’s barrels. Its barrels bring us a very good respect of the wine and its aromatic character and an excellent precision in the quality of the tannins. ”

Olivier LESUR - Technical Manager of Château Laroze, Grand Cru Classé - St Emilion (France)


“ Since the first vintages of Pago de Carraovejas, we have trusted the Tonnellerie Bordelaise for the ageing of our wines. The quality of their raw material, the passion they demonstrate in their work, their attention to detail and the warmth of their team have managed to establish a powerful link with our winery. ”

PDG - Pedro RUIZ ARAGONESES de la Bodega Pago de Carraovejas – Ribera del Duero (Espagne)


“ For the winegrower and the winemaker, entrusting the fruit of his labor in ageing is a real impacting act and constitutes a partnership based on trust in his cooper. My meeting with Didier Fesil, more than 20 years ago, was decisive in my choices. This mutual respect allows us to obtain a perfect synergy between the wood and my wines to magnify them. A big thank you to Tonnellerie Bordelaise for the rigor in the development of their barrels. ”

M. François DESPAGNE - Owner of Château GRAND CORBIN-DESPAGNE - Grand Cru Classé Saint Emilion (France)