Family business with strong crafts values

The Tonnellerie Bordelaise

Our know-how at the service of our customers

As much for the excellence of barrel production as for the transmission of his knowledge, The Tonnellerie Bordelaise is committed to honoring his work as a cooper, a craft since its origin 2000 year ago.

The rigor and values of artisanal production are the watchwords of the company.

Each step in our manufacturing process allows us to offer our customers custom-made barrels with optimal rendering.

Our staves from the most beautiful French forests “Haute Futaie” are the guarantee of the quality of our barrels.

They are seasoned in the open air for 24 to 36 months and then arrive in Martillac (Gironde) in the heart of the Pessac Léognan vineyard.

Our toasting’s levels are practiced gently and deep at heart to respect the quality of the wood and thereby the elegance and finesse of your wines.

Cyril MOROSI & Gaëtan MARTOS

The leaders

You have to be enthusiastic about your job to excel in it. – Denis DIDEROT

There is no magic to be accomplished. It’s about hard work, choice and perseverance. – Michelle OBAMA

Cyril MOROSI et Gaëtan MARTOS

Family business

Our team

The Tonnellerie Bordelaise is a family business both in terms of its craft production and team spirit.


The manufacture of our barrels

The process of making barrels and the excellence of the gesture ensure the respect of tradition. Special attention is paid to all stages of manufacture.

Parc mérandier
Tonnellerie Bordelaise

To the merandiers :

  • the selection of the origins of the woods ;
  • the splitting of the staves made by hand ;
  • seasoning methods for staves.

In the Tonnellerie Bordelaise production workshop :

  • the staves are selected with minutia according to the demand ;
  • then machined and assembled like a rose shape according to the ancestral gestures ;
  • and our coopers, masters in the art of toasting, put all their senses in awakening to be able to be closer to your wishes and needs.
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Workshop Tonnellerie Bordelaise

Finishes :

  • the engraving ;
  • traceability of the entire manufacturing process ;
  • and preparation for delivery.
Engraving Tonnellerie Bordelaise
Tonnellerie Bordelaise


Temporal markers of the Tonnellerie Bordelaise

Tonnellerie Bordelaise

2001 - Birth of Tonnellerie Bordelaise

Birth of Tonnellerie Bordelaise at the heart of the vineyards Pessac-Léognan. It sets up in the middle of a new technopole which gathers businesses worried about environmental issues and sustainable development. Created in partnership with a logging and directed by Didier FESIL, the enterprise begins with a marketing mainly focused on French market. The workshop counts three coopers, including Gaëtan MARTOS, who remained there until 2004.


2002 - Expansion

Expansion of sales in France (mainly in Bordeaux) and international export (Spain, Austria, USA).


2004 - Catalonia - Balearic expansion

Jaume TAULER becomes the commercial agent for Catalonia and Balearics.


2005 - Integration of the Austrian Market

Eric BOUTON, as representative, joins the team in order to develop the Austrian market.


2006 - Marketing Management

Arrival of Franck PENIN, sales manager, in charge to develop the French and Export markets.


2008 - Recruitment of Cyril MOROSI

Arrival of Cyril MOROSI, in an alternating training of a Master's degree in international trade (IUT Tech of CO Bordeaux), as a junior salesman to develop the Spanish market.


2009 - Implementation of the certifications

Implementation of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard and the traceability of oak woods by BUREAU VERITAS. PEFC certificate (Pan European Forest Certification) by the FCBA institute (Forêt Cellulose Bois - construction Ameublement). Arrival of Philippe PETIT, representative responsible for market development in Canada and the United States. He also ensures the establishment of a distributor in Australia.


2014 - Isabelle FESIL

Arrival of Isabelle FESIL, commercial and logistical assistant. Rosa DOMINGUEZ completes the number of agents in Spain.


2016 - A new business direction

Franck PENIN retires but remains commercial agent in South Africa. Cyril MOROSI becomes the new commercial director. Rosa DOMINGUEZ rounds off the team of commercial agents in Spain.


2017 - Didier and Isabelle FESIL become the owners of Tonnellerie Bordelaise

Isabelle being now General Director. Arrival of Alexiane SISCARD who does a commercial professional licence.


2018 - The team gets bigger

Marine JOUANNEAU integrates Tonnellerie Bordelaise, and becomes agent for LEBANON and France ``médoc, sauternes ...``. Arrival of Marius, puppy adopted in a SPA (an animal welfare organization), who makes a lot of “animation” in the workshop and in the office.


2019 - Numerical development

Numerical development of the enterprise. Arrival of Virginie BERTOT-FLETCHER as sales assistant and logistics manager.


2023 - Purchase of the Cooperage

Gaëtan MARTOS and Cyril MOROSI bought Tonnellerie Bordelaise in October 2023. The cooperage currently has a dozen employees, an annual production of 5000 barrels and a presence in 10 countries. It continues to grow in its markets and build customer loyalty. Opening of the Italian market with CANTINI VETRO.


2024 - Arrival of Nicolas Cordier

Arrival of Nicolas CORDIER, Production Manager.